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Appliance Repair for the Do-it-yourselfer

Some people tinker, and in doing so, work to repair their own appliances. We support a variety of do-it-yourselfer's here in Boise. We have a large selection of parts, and a tremendous amount of expertise with specific repairs.

Each brand, make, and model can have their own nuances which can make repairs quite simple and, in some cases, a tricky repair.

It's not uncommon for people to bring in their stories, parts, pictures, and emotional grief. We love a good challenge, and part of our value-add, is the knowledge and expertise behind our business. Our technicians are experienced and efficient.

Of course, we're not the only resource they use for appliance repair has a large selection of video's, and search engines turn up a variety of resources. These are great, however there's no substituted for comind down to a repair shop, and talking in person.

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