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Dishwasher repair: What to do when your dishwasher won’t drain properly

Many people will agree that having a dishwasher beats washing your dishes manually. However, the only issue with a dishwasher is that it needs of a bit of tending to now and again.

One of the most common problems people experience with their dishwashers is the fact that they stop draining properly. This may be something which you could fix yourself without having to phone a dishwasher repair company. Read on to discover the basic steps you should take before picking up the phone and seeking help.

Before you begin to do anything it is important to turn your dishwasher off. After all, when dealing with any electrical appliances this is important for safety reasons. So, make sure everything is turned off before you begin.

You are now going to check three main areas of your dishwasher. These areas are as follows; the filters, the waste hose, and the sink hose. If any of these three components are blocked then your dishwasher will not drain properly. If you find no problem with these, then it is likely you will need to seek a professional dishwasher repair service.

First and foremost, begin your check with your dishwasher filters. These are found at the bottom of the appliance and they come in three parts. They are very easy to remove, depending on the dishwasher you have they will either pull out or simply twist out. You can then clean the filters to ensure that there are no blockages. Pop them back in afterwards and see if your dishwasher works effectively now.

It is actually highly recommended that you wash your filters on a frequent basis. This is something which increases in importance the more frequently you use your dishwasher. A slight blockage can actually lead people to thinking that they have a massive problem, when all they really need to do is clean their filters regularly.

Nevertheless, if your filters are not the problem, then you may have an issue with the sink waste. This is something only applicable for dishwashers that operate via the waste water from the appliance being connected to the sink waste. Therefore, the sink waste being blocked will have an impact on your dishwasher and stop it from draining properly.

And last but least, there is one more check to make before you ring a dishwasher repair company, and this is the waste hose. You will find this at the back of the dishwasher. It is a part of the appliance which can very easily end up being bent. Make sure you straighten these out so that the water can flow properly and drain effectively.

These are three checks you should carry out on your dishwasher when it is not draining properly. It is important to do so because you may find that you simply have a part of your dishwasher that is blocked and is not draining properly as a result. You don’t want to ring up a repair company simply for them to clean your filter! Nevertheless if these three checks do not fix your appliance then you will need a professional dishwasher repair.

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