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From Dispair to Repair - Appliance Care

Few things are as aggrivating as having an appliance stop working.  We all use them, rely on their work, and are used to them just working.  When they don't, it seems like the worst time possible.  For example, a refrigerator might stop workign at night, on a weekend, with it full of food and perishables.  (We work weekends).

A washing machine might fail when you've got company coming to visit and have just returned from vacation.  Or, a dishwasher might fail just before a major holiday - and now you're preparing for a houseful of guests.  In any event, we feel your pain.  It happens to us, and we've committed our work-lives to making it better for you.  To fix things fast and effectively, to maintain and extend the lives of appliances, to locate and install used appliances, to recycle old appliances, and to sell and support brand new appliances.

We repair all major brands, and sell brand new Crosley appliances.  Our technicians are the best in the business with expertise and skill from years of dedication and attention to detail.  We're here to take care of your appliance issues, and let you focus on your life. 

When we do a good job, one of the best things you can do in to leave a review of your experience here, and tell us how we did.