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Getting fixed up – what to look for from an appliance repair company

So many modern homes are full of appliances. That means things that can go wrong. And invariably do. But when appliances break down it shouldn’t cause too much of a headache.

That is, not if you find a quality appliance repair company. But let’s imagine a few horror scenarios first before we examine what to look for from the professionals.

You’ve just got home from doing the school run. You’re tired and you amble your way to the refrigerator to get the ingredients you need to make a quick snack for the kids. Children can be demanding at the best of times. And to add to that they’re now hungry too.

You’re probably not going to be too pleased then when you find the fridge door open and a bunch of perished items.

Likewise, take a moment to think about this next example. You’ve noticed that your dryer’s performance has been gradually deteriorating. Sometimes clothes have been put on an extra cycle because they still emerge damp and have that horrible musty smell.

And tonight you want to wear that dress. It’s come through the washer fine. But time is at a premium and it needs to be dried-quickly. You guessed it. That pesky dryer refuses to play ball and you’re left rushing around having to pick out a new outfit.

OK, we’ve imagined a few nasty situations there. The point is who are you going to call when an appliance breaks down? And what traits should you look for in a repair company?

Help! And give me the complete package!

Finding appliance experts that offer the complete package can be difficult. However, it’s certainly not impossible. But what constitutes all-round great service?

A repair firm that can guarantee a quick response is always useful. Like it or not, we’ve come to rely on a lot of appliances for everyday tasks. And we tend to notice when they’re not working. No one wants a pile of unclean clothes to stack up.

So, you’ve been given an estimated time of arrival and you’re pretty happy with how things are going so far.

But no one wants a surly workman to enter their home. Being greeted by a warm smile and a polite manner goes a long way.

Obviously, at the very least you’d expect the technician to know what they’re doing and have a broad knowledge of all manufacturers and models. Turning up on time and flashing a fine set of pearly whites is fine. But remember your repairman is there to get the job done.

So, where’s the catch? It’ll probably come when you get the bill, right? A quality service should still be fairly priced. Once you’re confident that you’ll receive the former, ring around to check that you’re not being duped with regards to the latter.

Gas or electric, freezer or oven, it’s important to deal with professionals who understand a range of appliances. But don’t just idly take up a quotation from a company boasting of their expertise. When it comes to appliance repair, look for the complete package.